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Our outdoor maintenance offerings address most of the elements outside so you can enjoy your outdoors. 

The landscape maintenance options address your lawn and planting beds. Your pavers and hard surfaces (walks, driveways, patios, walls, etc.) will occasionally need a good cleaning and sometimes settle, so we offer a paver and hardscape maintenance option to address those as well. 

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Landscape Maintenance

Our landscape maintenance program focuses on the fundamentals needed to keep your landscape looking fresh and well kept. We have 4 different offerings to choose from:

  • Weekly service of lawn and planting beds from April through November.

  • Monthly service for planting beds detailing them as horticulturally appropriate each month. This option assumes someone else is caring for the lawn.

  • A 3 visit spring/summer/fall detailing of the planting beds. Lawn by others.

  • A spring detail only to clean up and detail your yard so you are set for the new season.

Interested in any of these options? If so, please contact us.


Paver & Hardscape Maintenance

Your pavers and hard surfaces (walks, driveways, retaining walls, etc.) are exposed to the weather and outside activities. This, over time, leads to shifting, weeds, fading, dirt accumulation, efflorescence and staining.

To make your hard surfaces beautiful again, we use trade specific equipment and materials to clean them, reset anything that has settled, and seal them to not only make them look considerably better and perform their intended function, but also provide a protective barrier from the elements and future stains.

If your pavers and hard surfaces can use some TLC, please contact us for an estimate.

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