Renew your existing landscape.

Our Signature Service, Outdoor Upgrades redesigns your existing landscape to create a new, more functional and updated look. We work with your existing plantings to create a renewed landscape in one to three days.
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New plantings and hardscape accent your landscape.

We can work with your existing plantings, but also incorporate new plant materials and hardscapes into the design, further increasing your home’s curb appeal. The amount of new plantings can range from a few to an entire yard, depending on what’s needed.
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Maintain a polished landscape all year long.

We offer weekly service for turf and planting beds to maintain a professional landscape all season long. We also offer monthly & bi-monthly visit options for homeowners who want to maintain their own lawn on a weekly basis, but need a professional to refresh the landscape periodically. In addition, Outdoor Upgrades can clean or repair your driveway, walks, patio, retaining walls, or any hardscape that may need attention.
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