What We Do

Outdoor Upgrades, a landscape design firm in the Chicago suburbs, designs, installs and renews outdoor residential spaces to create a more functional, updated and appealing look. Our services include renewal of existing landscaping, design and installation of new landscaping, and landscape maintenance to keep your property looking fresh and well kept.

Renew Your Existing Landscape

This signature service of Outdoor Upgrades is a great value for homeowners. By starting with what you already have, we will literally lift and repurpose your plants and/or hardscape to create a new and updated look. This approach saves time and money, and creates tremendous curb appeal in a short period of time.

For the homeowner who already has a great landscape design, but it's been slightly neglected or has overgrown its original space, we can renew your landscape as well. For cases like this, we can re-define the bed lines to accommodate the current size of the plants, prune as needed, divide and transplant any overgrown perennials, repair any settled hardscaping, and detail the entire landscape to restore it to its original design intent.

Design / Build a New Landscape

Our Design / Build service works with homeowners to design and install a completely new landscape. First, we meet with homeowners to understand their goals for their outdoor space. Then, we create conceptual drawings and fine-tune as necessary. In addition to plantings, our designs most often entail walks, patios, retaining walls, etc. Out approach ensures that we create a space that fits our client's lifestyle and is within their budget.

Landscape Maintenance

If you have a nicely installed landscape, it is the landscape maintenance that is going to keep it that way. Our landscape maintenance program focuses on the fundamentals needed to keep your landscape looking fresh and well kept and maintain the original design intent.

Our landscape maintenance program includes a spring clean-up that details the landscape to get it ready for the new year. Weekly visits include mowing, line trimming, and hand weeding at planting beds. At the horticulturally appropriate time throughout the season we fertilize the lawn, prune plants, and tie up Hydrangea and other perennials. In the fall, we cut back the appropriate plantings and clean-up the property.

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